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Want to learn more about street experiments?

This section deepens your theoretical understanding of street experiments and provides you with the practical know-how to get active. Get inspired and dive into our extensive collection of resources, covering topics from planning, design and evaluation to upscaling and long-term impacts of street experiments!


Read our SET Guidelines Kit, scroll through helpful Tools developed by other experts in the field, and find articles in our Library, or learn more about the role which street experiments play(ed) during the current health crisis in our special Covid section.


After analysing so many successful street experiments… We want to help you to create real change in your city... The S.E.T. team is developing a specific guide to make sure you don´t miss any point!


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Browse our tool collection and find inspiration from external organisations to create your own street experiment!

Available tools consist of guides from all over the world that can support you in the planning, development, design, and evaluation of street experiments.



Find online reading materials to deepen your knowledge and be up-to-date on what's going on in the world of street experiments.

Our Library includes studies, articles, and reports relevant to street experiments.



Our multimedia library includes records of workshops, webinars, podcasts, and videos relevant to street experiments.



Want to learn more about Street Experiments? Jump into a four weeks journey on Coursera's MOOC 'Street Experiments for Sustainable and Resilient Cities' to understand the transformative potential of these temporary interventions. 




The pandemic highlighted the challenges that our current cities face and urged the need to redesign our streets during, but also after the pandemic. City street experiments played and continue to play a vital role in responding to the crisis by prioritizing active mobility and repurposing street space in order to increase local accessibility,  strengthen communities and make cities more resilient.

In our Covid special, you can find external sources for pandemic related experiments including tools and other relevant literature or websites.

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